Emotional Health

Fela Adabiyi

Specialist: Yoga mindfulness and holistic coach

Country: UK

Gavin Masumiya

Specialist: Executive and mindfulness coach

Country: USA

Sera Shivnan

Specialist: Mindfulness and reiki coach

Country: UK

Guilem Bernado

Specialist: Mindfulness and taiqi coach

Country: Spain

Matan Malavski

Specialist: Mindfulness and traditional Chinese medicine coach

Country: Israel

Sabine Menon

Specialist: Mindfulness coach and psychologist

Country: France

Olivia Xiao

Specialist: Mindfulness and life coach

Country: China

Latitia Aguerre

Specialist: Mindfulness and life coach

Country: France

Delphine Levy

Specialist: Mindfulness, traditional Chinese medicine and life coach

Country: France

Hati Malinova

Specialist: Cognitive behavioral, prenatal perinatal, heath coach

Country: Bulgaria