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For B-Healthy your privacy is our biggest concern. We have designed our services to meet the highest standards currently available. Our philosophy is that you are in control, that your data is your commodity - not ours and that you decide with whom you share your data with. We cant change how the world works now, but we test the newest privacy technologies like blockchain & advanced cryptography . We hope that you in the near future will be able to monetise, donate and share your data in B-Healthy securely without identifying your identity for e.g. research.

Of course if you want to buy and use our services, we need to know who you are and what is needed for us to help you with our great people in B-Healthy. That is between you and us. Only!

In our cookie policy, we set our default to minimum. You are in control if you want the convenience of the best of cookies or not. that’s your choice!