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We are the first company in Thailand to extract the best elements of the health and wellness as well as hospitality industry and combine them with powerful digital health technologies and wrap them up as "wellness packages". Each and every package available for your selection is crafted for the same goal - to help you achieve a long-lasting better health and well-being regardless of where you are on your health journey.


Why a certified health coach is important for your health journey

Certified health coaches must not only have specialized skills in helping you to take care of your health, but they must also have the thorough comprehensive knowledge of human body and coaching skills to inspire you to achieve the state of good health.

To ensure our strong credibility, all packages offered on B-Healthy platform are designed by certified health coaches from renowned local and international institutions. All of them have satisfied working performance with over 1,000-hour training experiences.

Certified Health Coach is suitable for everyone. They provide tailored consultation that truly matches with your unique body as well as inspire you to have "can-do attitude" to constantly develop yourself for the better.

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How the digital health mobile app help you achieve your goal

It is the one app to manage your wellbeing. B-Healthy App helps you keep track of your wellbeing. It is a tool for you to make health-related self-assessment questionnaires, view data, see calendar for appointments and keep in touch with coaches via video call and texting. Data from your Apple Health can now be synchronized with B-Healthy App without your extra effort. They will be displayed on health dashboard. Notifications and advanced scheduling will help you stay on track and never miss any self-assessment or a session with your own coach. Learn more about the power of B-Healthy App


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Why choose wellness packages from B-Healthy 

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Our Philosophy

The essence of B-healthy business is “to create innovative health platform that drives better health and well-being for all in long term based on three core thinkings:


1. Preventive Healthcare Approach: emphasize on preventive healthcare thinking; taking precautions and get treatment before having sickness rather than being sick and get treatment in order to sustain long-term healthcare budget.

2. Affordable Health Plan: offer the most suitable health package in terms of budget and facilities based on one’s condition which aligns with yearly health tourism growth . 

3. Certified Health Coaches: we select the best health coach to take care, inspire and provide advice one’s health goal achievement.      


B-Healthy Digital Health Platform is a digital tool for customers, those who have health risks or people who are health-conscious. The process is simple. B-Healthy gathers health data via health censor equipment and online health assessment. The data will help health coaches offer you better guidance in form of customized package. 


Furthermore, this digital health platform is a tool for business partners such as partnered hotels, clinics, consultants, insurance companies, public organizations, and hospitals to manage customer’s health packages. 

Who we are

B-Healthy is a company that provides customers a new and innovative platform for better health and well-being. We are the first to extract the best elements of the health and wellness industry and combine them with digital health technologies. We also have many hospitality partners in Thailand such as leading hotels and resorts who offer the best-ever experiences for all customers.


Our products and services are health packages available on digital platforms that can solve, fulfill and create new business opportunities in promoting and providing healthcare service support for the entire health industry chain including both service providers and service recipients. These platforms include Digital Health Platform and E-Booking Wellness Marketplace (OTA Wellness).

After making a reservation through the E-Booking Wellness Marketplace system, customers  will receive a confirmation and a code to download the application and begin consulting and getting advice from our team of health coaches. When customers arrive at the hotel or clinic, they will be provided services in accordance with their health program, which will be closely monitored  by health coaches throughout the period.


Our services are categorized  into 3 types:

1. Personal Health Coaching 

One-on-one coaching with a health coach. This is appropriate for those who are adapting their lifestyle in a long term, not limited to traveling.

2. Treatment at Clinic Partners
Treatment by wellness clinics while using the B-Healthy platform to increase the chance of having successful treatments.

3. Health Coach and Wellness Trip

Trip that is suitable for those who look for strengthening or restoring their health under the supervision of coach in a beautiful setting at one of our leading hotels or wellness resorts.

Why choose us

5 Reasons to Choose B-Healthy

1. Sustainable Healthcare: 

B-Healthy is an innovative health and wellness platform that aims to initiate or improve sustainable good health under the concept "Care and Prevent Before to Avoid Treatment." We offer you a comprehensive holistic healthcare approach, both from inside out and outside in..

2. Service at Your Convenience: 

The convenience of having an unlimited number of locations. Customers  can access our services via digital channels from booking process to obtaining expert advice and guidance from experts, as well as receiving real-time information updates.

3. Personalized Wellness Package
B-Healthy creates a personalized health package for each individual based on the nature, condition, and limitation of their body including each person's living environment as much possible. This ensures of customer’s most satisfying outcome and experiences.

4. Aligning with Wellness Tourism
In partnership with our alliances,  B-Healthy provides a variety of health services including wellness hotels and wellness clinics which we selected on the basis of quality, service, and location, allowing users to have better health while also having a great vacation.

5. Guaranteed Safety Standard 

You can have confidence in our standards and safety because we only work with the best partners who provide accommodation that meets both Thai and international quality certification standards, including health coaches who need to be certified by reputable institutions both in the country and abroad and have over 1,000 hours of training experiences. Most importantly, we strictly adhere to the service provider's personal data protection system in order to instill trust in our service.


If you want to improve your health and quality of life with the help of coaches anywhere in the country or beyond via an innovative digital platform that protects your personal data while assisting you on your health journey, let's try out the B-Healthy package.