About B-Healthy

Benefits For Our Partners

Access To Global Wellness Market

We promote your packages across the global wellness tourism market which the value of this market will exceed $1 trillion by 2024. Besides, we provide business matching among our partners to help them grow together.

Access To Powerful Digital Health Platform

We reduce the gap between wellness providers and customers by being a tool for providing a safe and trusted services including data storage, communication, building trusted relationship, and solve health problems at its roots.

Platform Made Ready For International Customers

Partners and customers can be confidence in using our service. The Health Coach Portal is available in 20+ languages. Customer's app has several options for sign up and measurement units selection. Our platform is compliant to international data protection laws.

Sales Support

Partner will have access to various sales channels including B-Healthy Marketplace, Social Media lead generation, Medical & travel Agency. Moreover, our Sales Team (Doctor & Coach) will help facilitate deal closing which will be done dutomatically via our payment gateways.

Operation Support

All partners will receive online and onsite training and support for the SOPs design. After go-live, partner will have access to on-demand technical support and facilitation on customer's appointment & bookings. We also provide wellness management and consulting service at your request.

PR & Marketing Channels

Partners will have access to our global network of wellness sales promotion, event & roadshow as well as standard digital marketing support. Moreover, partners will get Promo Banner, Pop Up Ad, Campaign Booster, Blog Articles and ad posts on all of B-Healthy's social media official accounts.


What types of organizations can join B-Healthy partnership?

B-Healthy marketplace focuses on helping wellness providers grow their revenue.

The wellness providers who are eligible to become our partner consist of Wellness hotels and resorts, wellness clinics and hospitals and freelance/self-employed health coaches such as nutritionist, psychologist, Thai traditional doctor, nurse, physiotherapist, fitness trainer etc. In case you or your organization have no wellness services currently but plan to have one. You are welcomed to consult us about how to set up your wellness business. We have a management and consulting service that can transform your organization into a high-quality wellness provider that meets Thai and international standards. Please reach out to use at sales@b-healthy.me or call (66) 62-225-6692

How do I apply for B-Healthy partnership?

It is simple to let us know that you want to become our partner. Click “Join Now” button at the top or buttom of this page, then you will be redirected to https://b-healthy.me/pages/lets-become-our-partner. After that, please select your organization types and click to fill in application form. Once you submit it, B-Healthy authorized person will contact you to provide more information and proceed to the next step.

Is there any cost when applying for B-Healthy partnership?

Good news. It is a risk-free partnership. There is no cost or investment when you apply for the partnership. We appreciate your willingness to become our partner and we want to make it easiest for you to start your service. After receiving your application form, B-Healthy authorized person will contact you to explain benefits and onboarding process.

Can I apply for the partnership if I am a freelance/self-employed health coach?

Definitely yes! There are 3 types of partners in B-Healthy network: wellness hotel & resort, clinics & hospitals as well as individual health coaches. If you are a freelance or self-employed coach, then you will fall into “individual health coach” category. Please click https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1UK_t68ZDk_G0w1E5ounFjprXcBv0LyV-PUDRJqZ-elo/edit to fill in an application form. Feel free to reach out to us for any inquires - sales@b-healthy.me or call (66) 62-225-6692

Does B-Healthy have service to support business setup for non-wellness provider?

Indeed! We realize that the wellness service is a fast-growing business. There is no doubt that many organizations seek new source of revenue by tapping into the industry. However, becoming a high-quality wellness provider takes efforts, resources, and expertise that many non-wellness organizations may not possess currently. B-Healthy has a world-class international team of business consultants who are specialized in setting up an end-to-end wellness service with great track record. The consulting service is suitable for both non-wellness provider and those currently in wellness business but aims to move their business to the next level. Please reach out to use via sales@b-healthy.me or call (66) 62-225-6692

What are the differences between wellness packages on B-Healthy and those on other marketplaces?

B-Healthy is the first company in Thailand to extract the best elements of the health and wellness as well as hospitality industry and combine them with powerful digital health technologies and wrap them up as "wellness packages". Each package available on the marketplace is crafted for the same goal - to help your customers achieve a long-lasting better health and well-being regardless of where they are on their health journey. Every package will have a certified health coach to provide tailored consultation that truly matches with your customer’s unique body as well as inspire them to have "can-do attitude" to constantly develop themselves for the better. Moreover, your customer will have a digital mobile app to manage wellbeing, make health-related self-assessment questionnaires, view data, see calendar for appointments and keep in touch with coaches via video call and texting. On your side, the service team will have a high-standard software to manage your customer’s health. Therefore, your customer will have a higher satisfaction towards your services. Learn more about it https://b-healthy.me/pages/our-story