Bright and Clear Face Acupuncture: The Science of Reducing Wrinkles

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"Facial acupuncture" is an emerging trend for individuals seeking to refresh and harmonize their skin without resorting to chemicals. This sought-after method originates from traditional Chinese medicine, involving the insertion of needles into 16 specific points on the face. This ancient practice, adapted by modern beauty professionals for Made Collagen injections, actually stems from traditional Chinese medicine's use of acupuncture to balance the body, address illnesses, and promote overall well-being.


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The term "acupuncture" may be unfamiliar to some. Essentially, acupuncture is a therapeutic art that focuses on restoring health, enhancing the immune system, preventing diseases, and treating various ailments. This discipline, a subset of traditional Chinese medicine, has a history spanning thousands of years. Practitioners employ slender needles (approximately 0.1-0.3 mm) to target precise points along the body's meridians or energy channels, aiming to regulate the body's various systems and rectify any irregularities at these points. Acupuncture aids in reestablishing optimal blood flow and can address a range of conditions, including high blood pressure, insomnia, digestive problems, and pain, fatigue, weariness, and exhaustion stemming from internal imbalances. All of this is accomplished through the time-tested knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine.

How Does Acupuncture Help Achieve Clear Skin?

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"Facial acupuncture" involves inserting tiny needles into the skin of the face to stimulate the process of new collagen production (cell regeneration), targeting 16 points. Acupuncture at these specific locations causes blood vessels to dilate, boosting blood circulation and improving the flow of vital energy within the body. This results in better oxygen exchange beneath the skin's surface.

As skin cells undergo transformation and exchange oxygen more efficiently, the body eliminates waste and free radicals from the cells. This process, known as detoxification, helps rejuvenate the facial skin around the acupuncture points. Tense muscles relax, and beneath the skin, new collagen production is triggered. Acupuncture, therefore, helps expel accumulated waste and toxins from the skin, improving dry and dehydrated skin and enhancing blood circulation. This ultimately balances the skin, resulting in a clear, moisturized complexion, and visibly reducing wrinkles caused by muscle tension.

Embracing the Benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatments

Dr. Kornchanok said " Traditional Chinese medicine offers a holistic approach to facial beauty by utilizing natural remedies, steering clear of chemicals, and encouraging the body's innate healing abilities. I advocates that the most effective and sustainable method for improving facial skin health is to focus on enhancing overall well-being from the inside out".

What does the diagnostic process entail prior to acupuncture treatment?

ATM.Dr. Kornchanok said "During the initial diagnosis, the practitioner examines the patient's pulse by feeling their wrist, which allows them to evaluate the energy levels of different organs in the body and pinpoint any abnormalities or issues that might impact the skin's appearance. As they assess the pulse, the doctor can often start to analyze the patient's lifestyle habits and emphasizes the importance of thorough discussions with patients to ensure that treatments are tailored precisely and effectively, recognizing that each individual's analysis will vary depending on their specific situation".

How often should acupuncture be done to see results?

Facial acupuncture for beauty enhancement, the majority of individuals will notice a positive difference in their complexion after only 1-2 treatments. More significant transformations are usually observed by the 5th or 6th session. Nonetheless, the outcome may differ based on each person's unique skin condition, personal care routines, and general well-being.

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